cITe Scholars Program

Students in the cITe Scholars Program double major in their content area of interest combined with a major in Computer Science Natural Language Processing. This interdisciplinary curriculum works to connect students’ interests to technology innovation.


Exclusive cITe Scholarships

cITe students are eligible for exclusive scholarship opportunities – including the Choose Ohio First Scholarship which awards up to $8000 per year


Natural Language Processing

NLP, an expanding field in computer science, focuses on analyzing the written word, understanding syntax, and engaging users in order to improve customer experience


Work-Based Learning Opportunities

Students in the cITe Scholars Program have exclusive opportunities to co-op as paid cITe Scholars and co-researchers, working directly with industry partners to create apps and other technical solutions that solve real-world problems. This hands-on experience enables students to explore their interests and hone their skills for the workforce


We are a Small Team Doing Big Things!

Our research team is a small group with far reaching initiatives of change.

Improving Communication through Chatbot Technology

cITe Scholars use Natural Language Processing approaches to analyze large sets of chat data.

Connecting the Community with Resources

Our cITe Scholar student co-reserch team works closely with community organizations in order to improve access to needed technology resources.

Competitive Scholarship Opportunities up to $8000 per Year

Through collaboration with the Choose Ohio First scholarship program, the cITe Scholars program offers competitive scholarship opportunities for star students.

Apply for Admission

Use code “MSJCITE” to waive your application fee